Christian Brothers' Mission

Welcoming Edmund Rice’s Children With Open Arms For any vision to become a reality, it takes compassion, courage and conviction – qualities that the school amply illustrates through its motto – Pro Deo Et Patria – For God and Country.

The firm belief that education endows an individual with a sense of dignity and self worth, led St. John’s to open its doors to the economically backward sections, as far back as 1997. This pioneering effort by a private school, to reach out and help these children, in the city of Chandigarh, has brought hope and relief into the lives of more than 300 boys, to date.

They are provided gratis, with intensive training, medical check-ups, a supplementary diet, books and uniforms. Such is the quality of education received by them, that they are ready to be integrated into the mainstream of the school, within 1 year of their entering the portals of St. John’s.

The batch of 2007-08 saw its first set of Indradhanush Children sitting for the CBSE Board Exam and passing with first division. Recognising their responsibility towards the larger society, some students of class 9 came together and formed a social justice group and named it Johnians For Justice (J4J).

The students have taken up various activities under this programme which contribute towards society and the environment. The beauty of the whole programme is that the various innovative activities are conceived, planned and run by the students based on the twin platforms of eco awareness and HIV Aids. And what better way to help the ‘world become a better place’, than to teach the children, who are its future, to care for it? To give them hearts that reach out with compassion and empower them with the means to set the wrongs right. In pursuance of this goal and the firm belief that “It is more blessed to give than to receive”, the children of St. John’s are encouraged to take up ‘outreach’ projects.

The Junior School has its Eco Club which seeks to heal the environment. In the Senior Wing, each class ‘adopts’ a cause. Over the years the children have developed bonds of love and friendship with senior citizens, critically ill patients and the visually and economically challenged children. The students are encouraged to regularly visit, interact, and not only identify needs, but also meet them. This, however, is not done through simply dipping into their parents’ pockets. Instead, they are persuaded to come up with projects like canteens, a School Fete etc. to generate the necessary funds. This serves a dual purpose of teaching them to be innovative and self sufficient, as well as helping them to value that which they give. They learn that ; “God loves a cheerful giver and he is rich indeed who has enough to give".


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