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Grandparents Day Celebrations
  • Event Date: 31-Aug-2018
  • Updated On: 05-Sep-2018
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Description: The Grandparents day was organized by the kindergarten and prep of St. John’s High School on 31st August 2018. It was a collective team effort of the teachers under the guidance of Mrs. Kavita Das (Principal) and Mrs. H.Rai (Junior School Coordinator). At the entrance of the auditorium, the children from the PREP class welcomed the grandparents warmly. When the guests were seated in the hall, the program started off enthusiastically with the lighting of the lamp by the principal and coordinators followed by the hymn of the KG Choir. Mrs. Kavita Das (Principal) addressed and formally welcomed the grandparents. Thereafter, the welcome performance of the children of KG-A class took place. The children from the Prep class presented a few poems followed by rhymes from different sections of KG’s like B, C, D and E. Grandparents were very happy to see their grandchildren performing on the stage confidently.                   The programme ended with the lively and energetic dance and questionnaire round. Grandparents lovingly and happily answered the questions of the boys. A few grandparents sang songs as well. Towards the end, the vote of thanks was given by the junior school coordinator, Mrs. H. Rai. There was an arrangement of refreshments for the grandparents at the foyer where class teachers interacted with them.

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